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10 Dec '14

Big Apple Bargains New Vendor Ivan Fraser


So if you've been to Peggy's Cove you may have driven by Ivan Fraser's home. It would have been hard to miss!  From the tidal wave entrance to the mural painted home he's become a well known tourist stop with lots of treasures in store.

Ivan Fraser... artist, photographer, author and storyteller was born and raised in Nova Scotia.  He's known for his endeavor of bringing Peggy's Cove Legend to reality through song, books, dolls, his childhood home museum and storytelling.  A mix of facts, blended with colorful tales and characters, take you back to the days of Peggy of the Cove.

His books and beautiful photography are available for purchase and you can find them in the Art Gallery or Book Bin.



Check out the “In Our Backyard” story video with CTV’s Maria Panopalis as she puts a face on the fictional character of Peggy from Peggy’s Cove.  



Thanks Ivan for the best wishes. I am happy to help local crafters any way I can and hope we both have much success with this new venture! :)

Posted by Laurie @ Big Apple Bargains on December 30, 2014

Congratulations on creating The Apple Bargains site, Laurie. Great idea. And a hearty thank you for inviting me to be a vendor. Having an online store was one of my dreams, but it involes so much time, I never got around to it. Thanks to you, Peggy of the Cove products, my art and photography are easily accessible to Canadians. Here’s wishing you overwhelming success with The Apple Bargains and all your effort to promote vendors like me. You made my day!

Posted by Ivan Fraser on December 11, 2014

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