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26 Dec '14

A Happier New Year Guaranteed With A Hammock!!

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Outdoor or Indoor Hammock

What better way to relax - or at least take a nap - than in a hammock. High-quality hammocks and accessories at reasonable prices have been added to our shop. (bigapplebargains.ca/collections/hammocks)

Outdoor or indoor, 365 days of the year, a hammock is a great way to relax! With a mosquito net on a warm summer's night who needs a tent?

Are hammocks better than tents and are hammocks good for backpacking? Hammocks are perfect for backpackers and campers. They are lightweight and compact.

A hammock will get you up off the ground where a tent does not. With a tent it can be hard to find a flat, non-rocky or dry spot and laying on the ground can be very uncomfortable so campers spend more money on air mattresses that often spring leaks and go flat. With a hammock you don’t need to worry about that, you will be rocking to sleep in no time up off the ground, dry and comfortable. If there’s too many bugs there’s even a mosquito net hammock that will keep all those pesky flying insects off of you.

Mosquito Net Hammock

Hammocks are not just for your backyard. You can enjoy a hammock anywhere inside or out. Place a stand made from wicker or bamboo in your home for a beautiful accent piece that doubles as the most comfortable piece of furniture in the home.

How to hang a hammock

One method to hang a hammock is using tree straps. Tree straps are a great way to hang a hammock outdoors. They are lightweight if you’re camping or hiking and won’t cause any damage to the trees. Straps are also adjustable to accommodate variable distances. The one drawback to hanging a hammock with straps is they aren’t usable for plain walls.

Another method to hanging a hammock is using rope which won’t harm any trees either. You will need to be very good with knots, and the hammock needs to be well tied and secure. Straps are much better given their ease of use.

Hanging a hammock with hardware is another great option. Hardware can be used in walls, just find a stud and screw an eye hook right in for a very safe and sturdy hanging point. The biggest drawback to this method is significant damage to trees so it’s not really the best option outdoors unless you are installing on a porch or other posts of some sort.

Hammock Wicker Stand

 A fourth option and perhaps the best way to hang a hammock is using a hammock stand. A hammock stand will always be portable and just as secure as any of the other options.

All of the straps, hardware and stands you need are available right here at BigAppleBargains.ca for your convenience.


Hammock Hanging Methods

Why are hammocks better than beds?

Hammocks help you sleep. The swinging or rocking motion stimulates slow oscillations and kick starts activity in the brain known as sleep spindles. These spindles are associated with deep sleep and memory consolidation.

This rocking motion also increases stage N2 sleep which accounts for about half of a good nights sleep.

Sleeping in a hammock is akin to falling asleep in a rocking chair or rocking your baby to sleep. For all of human history this swinging, or rocking motion has been a tried and true method to help us get to sleep faster and have a longer more restful night sleep.

Very good reasons why hammocks are better than beds. In fact there are many who replace their bed with a hammock.

Google Office Hammocks

Google did this for a reason! Traditional office workspaces do not work and employees deserve better! Hammocks increase overall productivity and the health of workers through improved circulation and a less stressful working environment.

A hammock can be your best buddy and help you reduce or even eliminate those costly chiropractor visits.

Sleeping in a hammock delivers a very different kind of relaxation than sleeping in a bed. Because hammocks hang, they’re incorporating gravity to support only your body weight, rather than battling gravity like a mattress does.

Nicaraguans have been using these traditional hammocks as beds for generations. An enormous amount of cotton is used, resulting in a thick, sturdy and immensely comfortable hammock! Hand woven in Nicaragua, this luxurious hammock offers the ultimate experience in comfort and relaxation. Who needs to go to the Caribbean when you can experience it in your living room.. or bedroom.. on the porch… or your backyard...


Nicaraguan Hammock - Deluxe

This super flexible kind of support can reduce strain on pressure points like hips, ribs and vertebrae. Your weight is distributed evenly, while the fabric molds to your body naturally.

Who makes good hammocks

Nicaraguans and Brazilians both make great hammocks, but as for the question of who makes the best hammocks? Well, that’s for you to decide. It's what's best to suiting your needs. Camping, hiking hammocks are made very differently from a fancy the Nicaraguan hammock. If you prefer something that’s still got style and functionality but just a little simpler you could be in the market for one of the rope varieties.

How big are hammocks?  Our hammocks range in size from a single that’s perfect for one or a Mayan XL that is great for the entire family and can support over 800 pounds! 

What are hammocks made of you? Many hammocks are made using highest quality cotton. Rope hammocks are available in cotton or a soft woven polyester. A waterproof, poolside hammock that’s made with a durable vinyl-coated polyester yarn that's known as Textilene. This particular hammock is a perfect choice to take along to the cottage or your favourite swimming hole for the day. 

We have several styles to choose from and all the hammocks and accessories are shipped from Canada. Quick and easy to assemble so you'll be relaxing in no time. 

For any questions ordering give us a call and we'll help you select the best hammock for you!

Hammock Chair

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